Get a complete roadmap to choosing and implementing an Agile planning approach

Diving into a new method of project management is challenging - you're not sure where to start, how to organize tasks, or even which exact method is best.

You need this course.

Learn the ins and outs of Agile to progress quickly and see payout more frequently.

What's inside this course...

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to Advisicon Training

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    What Are Your Biggest Agile Planning Challenges?

    • Welcome to class!

    • How Do We Think About Agile?

    • Going Agile

    • Agile Project Success Rates

    • How Have You Handled Agile Planning?

  • 3

    Agile Planning Methodology

    • The Agile Planning Onion

    • Agile Planning Summary

    • Test your learning

  • 4

    Planning Iterations and Releases

    • Planning Releases

    • Planning Iterations

    • Sprint Lifecycle

    • Solidify learning...

  • 5

    Using MS Project for Agile Planning - Planning, Scheduling, Reporting

    • Agile Planning Using MS Project

    • A Walk Through MS Project

    • A Walk Through MS Project Part 2

    • Agile Sprint to Kanban

    • Moving Through Completion Percentages

    • Connecting Tasks to Sprints

    • Reporting in MS Project for Agile Projects

  • 6

    Agile: MS Planner and MS Project 4 Web

    • Utilizing MS Planner

    • MS Planner to Project 4 Web (P4W)

    • P4W Tips and Tricks

  • 7

    Summary and Q&A

    • Review and Summary

    • Planner or Project First? Q&A

    • Integrating Tools to MS Teams for Streamlined Work

    • Clarifying Licenses Needed and Farewell

By the end of the course, you'll learn how to...

  • Choose the best management approach

    We take you on a deep dive into Agile while analyzing the impacts and benefits of many different project management approaches.

  • Use the latest Agile features in MS Project

    From daily planning all the way to project vision, there’s a way to track progress and manage change.

  • Quickly organize and deliver tasks or deliverables

    Agile teams are known for flexibility and autonomy, but deliverables still exist. We show you the best ways to manage these targets.

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What AGILE is...

Who is the Scrum and Agile Planning course for?

Whether you’re a dedicated Waterfall planner, or just starting in project management, this Agile class is for you!

  • Expert Agile Project Managers who want to work quicker with the latest Microsoft Project hacks.

  • Entry-level Project Managers who want to reach the top of their industry using Agile.

  • Expert Waterfall Project Managers who want to increase their success rate by welcoming change into their projects.

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Thank you Rich

by Roz, IT Project Manager, Alabama Department of Corrections

Thank you all at Advisicon. We learned some new and valuable information and tools to help our PMO and ADOC.

Great Information

Sara, Senior Project Manager, Wells Fargo

The information was great, but a lot is dependent on the tools my company is willing to provide.

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Course Instructor


Richard Wentworth

Richard has a record of success spanning over twenty years in project management and consulting with diverse experience in both the traditional and Agile project management methods. He has successfully led enterprise portal implementations, document management solutions for the Healthcare/Life Sciences vertical in both on-premise and Cloud deployments, asset management solutions for the telecom and utility industries and helped Fortune 500 companies with enterprise risk management and corporate compliance courseware delivery. Throughout his career, effectively educating customers has always been his priority.

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