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Enjoy boosted productivity in Microsoft apps by leveraging these keyboard shortcuts.

  • M365 – Microsoft has a language all of its own. We've compiled their most helpful system navigation, display, formatting, and selection shortcuts in this chart.

  • Word – With so many formatting options, it can be a struggle to work with text using the top ribbon. This chart features frequently used commands to streamline the process.

  • Outlook – It's amazing how much time can be wasted in the weeds managing email! Simply use a couple keystrokes instead of switching to a mouse to save valuable time.

  • Excel – Learn to work with data and format cells quickly.

  • PowerPoint – Fussing with a PowerPoint presentation can take hours, we all know. These essential tips help you work smarter and faster!

  • Teams – Get the shortcuts you need to navigate and work collaboratively in one of Microsoft's newest top-used apps.

  • OneNote – Speedily work with your notes and assign tags to keep track of ideas, large or small.

  • SharePoint – Navigate document libraries and create the sites you need to store, organize, and access the information you and your team need.

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    • Microsoft Keyboard Shortcuts Chart - Download