What you get

The Key Project Online Odata Tables chart presents you with essential tables you’ll want to work with in Power BI as a project manager..

  • Project-centric tables – contain information about your general project

  • • Projects
    • Project Baselines

  • Task-centric tables – concern all things task information

  • • Tasks
    • Task Baselines
    • Task Timephased Data Set
    • Task Baselines Timephased Data

  • Assignment-centric tables – keep your assignments well in hand

  • • Assignment
    • Assignment Baselines
    • Assignment Baseline Timephased Data

  • Resource-centric tables – help you view your resources’ calendars, rates, capacities, and more.

  • • Resources
    • Resource Timephased Data Set

  • Miscellaneous tables – the primary date table is in a class of its own.

  • • Time Set

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    • Key Project Online OData Tables flowchart - Print Order Only

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