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    Best Practices in Risk Management

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By the end of the course, you'll learn how to...

  • Identify different types of risk

    Take a deep dive into risks—learn the impacts and potential handicaps of the many different types.

  • Assess the risk's severity

    Discover solutions and tools to help you easily determine how serious a risk really is.

  • Tackle risks head on

    Gain confidence and turn hazards into benefits. Learn specific plans for each type of risk.

Course Instructor


Richard Wentworth

Richard has a record of success spanning over twenty years in project management and consulting with diverse experience in both the traditional and Agile project management methods. He has successfully led enterprise portal implementations, document management solutions for the Healthcare/Life Sciences vertical in both on-premise and Cloud deployments, asset management solutions for the telecom and utility industries and helped Fortune 500 companies with enterprise risk management and corporate compliance courseware delivery. Throughout his career, effectively educating customers has always been his priority.

Who is the Risk Management course for?

If you believe in heading off trouble at the pass, this course is for you.

  • Mid-level Project Managers who look to better understand risk and learn the latest tips and tricks for managing it.

  • Entry-level Project Managers who seek real-world knowledge on all things risk.

  • Expert Project Managers who want to review risks, hone their craft, and be updated on the latest risk-management techniques.

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